6 Essential Bathroom Accessories Every Nigerian Home Needs

6 Essential Bathroom Accessories Every Nigerian Home Needs

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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that our bathroom gets the least attention when furnishing or decorating our homes.

Considering the fact that we spend a lot of time bathing, grooming, (and a lot of other unmentionable things) since we are mostly alone without any distractions.

This small room after a while gets dirt and jumbled and this quickens its potential to get outdated.

In this article, we are going to discover 6 essential bathroom accessories that could give your bathroom that classy and sleek look.

Just tag along as we go through.

6 Essential Bathroom Accessories Every Nigerian Home Needs

 1. Towel Rail 

essential bathroom accessories nigeria home

Towel rails and rings are more suitable for the main, family or en-suite bathroom and are ideal for keeping your large towels and bath sheets looking neat and tidy.

This accessory is placed close to the shower or tub for easy reach or can be mounted at any height suitable for you on the wall of your bathroom. This Towel Rail is perfect for your bathroom space at any time, and its simplicity makes it very easy to mount and maintain with little or no technical hassle.

2. Tumbler Holder

essential bathroom accessories nigeria home

This is another bathroom essential. Rather than leaving the tumbler on the sink or the floor, you could get a simple tumbler holder. Your toothbrush and paste will have a permanent spot. A holder with chrome fittings will be more ideal to prevent rust and give your room a classy look.

3. Robe Hooks

essential bathroom accessories nigeria home

Would you be wondering where to drop your bathrobe before you shower? Robe hook is what you need. It is usually attached on the wall where you can easily place your robe. It comes in handy when you want to keep your tiny space as organized as possible. It also adds a taste of style and beauty to your bathroom.

4. Toilet Brush & Holder

6 Essential Bathrooms Accessories toilet brush

Toilet brush and holder makes your bathroom look sophisticated and they are easy to clean and last longer. They could be attached to the wall so they look like they are part of the bathroom.

5. Towel Ring

essential bathroom accessories nigeria home

This is an easy solution for hand towels. With a simple design, it could be fitted close to the basin for drying hands.

This prevents water dripping around the floor. You can find towel ring to suit a different range of styles.

6. Toilet Paper Holder

essential bathroom accessories nigeria home

This accessory comes in a variety of sizes and design and adds a touch of styles to your space. It saves you the stress of your bathroom being littered around with toilet paper as most are neatly fastened to the wall.

Like most essential bathroom accessories, you’ll find different styles and designs to suit contemporary bathrooms

Now the next time you need to remodel your space you should consider some of these essential bathroom accessories to get started with.

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